WordPress Page Comments Not Displaying

If you are using a Gantry 5 WordPress theme, and you are having an issue with Comments being displayed on your WordPress Page, please read the following.

1) Ensure your Page has comments enabled.

2) Ensure that you have a Page Content Particle in your Page Outline's Layout and that your Outline is assigned to the correct Page.

3) If both of those are OK and you still are not seeing comments on your WordPress Page. You most likely need to add the following Twig code to your theme's /views/content/content-page.html.twig:

        {# Begin Comments #}
        {% if (post.comment_status == 'open' or post.comment_count > 0) and post.post_type != 'product' %}
            {{ function('comments_template') }}
        {% endif %}
        {# End Comments #}

Add it after the End Entry Content comment in that twig file:

        {# End Entry Content #}

That's it! You should now be able to see the comments form on your WordPress Page.