How to Load CSS / SCSS / JS / HTML from Twig

Load CSS / JS in Gantry 5

Starting from Gantry 5.3 there is a new, better way to add JavaScript and CSS files via Twig.

Load JavaScript / CSS framework:

  • jquery or jquery.framework
  • jquery.ui.core
  • query.ui.sortable
  • bootstrap.2
  • bootstrap.3
  • mootools or mootools.framework or mootools.core
  • mootools.more
{% do gantry.document.addFramework('mootools.core') %}
{% do gantry.document.addFramework('mootools.more') %}

Add CSS file:

{% block stylesheets %}
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="gantry-theme://css/whoops.css" /> 
{% endblock %}

Add inline CSS:

{% set red %}
body {
    color: red;
{% endset %}
{% do gantry.document.addInlineStyle(red, 0) %}

Add JavaScript file:

{% block javascript %}
    <script src="{{ url('') }}"></script>
{% endblock %}  

Add JavaScript file to the Footer (before </ body > HTML tag):

{% block javascript_footer %}
    <script src="{{ url('') }}"></script>
{% endblock %}  

Add inline JavaScript:

{% set alert %}
{% endset %}
{% do gantry.document.addInlineScript(alert, 0) %}

Add inline JavaScript to the Footer (before </ body > HTML tag):

{% set alert %}
{% endset %}
{% do gantry.document.addInlineScript(alert, 0, 'footer') %}

All the functions except addFramework() accepts 3 parameters where second parameter is priority and third parameter location (usually head or footer).

First parameter can also be associative array containing the attributes of the given tag. Note that not all platforms support all the attributes.

Compiling custom SCSS files

Sometimes there is a need to compile a custom SCSS file to CSS and include it into the page (like when you want to include it only when a certain particle is present on a page).

To do this, it will require you to create two SCSS files. We'll call them first.scss and second.scss as an example (use any names you'd like). Place both of these files in your THEME/custom/scss/ directory.

Once you have those in place, add the following code to the first.scss file:

@import "second";

Next, add any CSS/SCSS code to your second.scss file.

Once this is done, add the following to your Twig file (i.e. particle.html.twig):

{% block stylesheets %}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="first.scss" /> 
{% endblock %}

If the twig file you are using is for a particle, ensure it is being used on your Outline > Layout and you have cleared your Gantry cache. Load the page and you should see your SCSS code compiled into CSS.

Add HTML into Body in Gantry 5

Sometimes there is a need to add some HTML right after <body> or just before </body> tag.

This approach works analog to the method previously described under Particle Blocks.

You can add HTML from Page Settings, but sometimes you may want to do it from a particle or an atom.

Add HTML after <body> tag:

{% pageblock body_top %}
    -BODY TOP-
{% endpageblock %}

Add HTML after <div id="g-page-surround">, but before main layout:

{% pageblock top %}
    -PAGE TOP-
{% endpageblock %}

Add HTML after main layout, but before end of <div id="g-page-surround">:

{% pageblock bottom %}
{% endpageblock %}

Add HTML before </body> tag:

{% pageblock body_bottom %}
{% endpageblock %}

Additionally you can provide priority (10 ... -10):

{% pageblock bottom with { priority: -10 } %}
   This should be shown after everything else.
{% endpageblock %}